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Yahoo Finance Visits CC

We are happy to share a fantastic video presented by Yahoo Finance entitled "How ‘conscious’ capitalism can be profitable and positive for the community" where Kip Tindell and Brittnay Merrill Underwood speak of the benefits of a conscious mindset in both business and social enterprises.

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PE Heading in a New Direction

To succeed in a world where variables such as leadership, talent, culture, and reputation rival traditional financial performance and industry analysis, the industry needs new comparative benchmarks and tools to help make the intangible tangible.

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B Corps come with a Purpose, result in Profits

As more than one million fans gather in our great city to celebrate the Cavs victory, we celebrate the teams victory, the cities progress, and the state's social enterprise movement! After several years of study, the Ohio State Bar Association endorsed legislation that would create a new form of corporate entity in Ohio — the benefit corporation.

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The Culture Barrier - Can it be Broken?

We love that there are more articles on culture and integration issues published by the major consulting firms. That’s progress. This is an interesting piece from BCG who was writing about conscious business behavior long before it was in the popular press.

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Is Culture Fit Really that Important?

In this article posted in Hoffpost Business's Blog, they reference studies that indicate that 70 - 90% of mergers and acquisitions result in what is considered a failure. And of those according to a McKinsey survey, 25% of executives say that the absence of a "culture fit" was the key reason why so many mergers fail!  So the answer is yes.  

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M&A Success = Managing Employees

"Delivering a vision of seamless merger success requires discipline and expertise, apart from creating a culture of accountability and enthusiasm."  Within this evolving climate, business leaders and managers must find better ways to integrate diverse corporate cultures without compromising on their primary goals.

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