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Buying / Selling Companies

EPOCH Pi works with clients to identify a path that maximizes value and preserves the company’s mission, vision and values. We know that each client situation is unique, so we focus on the strategic imperatives and growth opportunities to provide a customized approach to every transaction. Our comprehensive process includes using proprietary values and culture assessment tools as well as early integration planning and dialogue that ensure the outcome our clients desire for the transaction. Our approach is designed to maximize value for all parties through a more holistic process that mitigates the risk of inter-organizational conflict.

EPOCH Pi provides advisory services for:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions ( M&A)

  • Recapitalizations

  • Corporate Divestitures

  • Management Buyouts

  • Valuation Advisory & Fairness Opinions

Alternative Structures

At EPOCH Pi, there isn’t a “one size fits all” model for investment structures. We take into consideration all the internal and external factors to create a bespoke solution to maximize value and preserve the company’s mission, vision and values. We walk clients through the range of options and help select the optimal path. In addition to the issues affecting value, we use our proprietary values and culture assessment tools and integration planning to help determine which structure best meets their needs.

EPOCH Pi specializes in:

  • C-Corps/S-Corps/LLC/Partnerships

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

  • Employee Ownership

  • Cooperatives

  • For-Purpose Corporate Structures

  • Purpose Trusts

Capital Raises

We help clients raise debt and equity capital of all kinds to facilitate growth, recapitalizations or other purposes that do not contemplate a change in control of the business. We understand that our clients’ purpose-driven companies have been built with care, so we’re mindful of finding the right values-aligned capital partners and structure for your transaction. EPOCH Pi provides tailored advice that will help you raise capital without compromising your company’s mission, vision and values.

EPOCH Pi assists clients with:

  • Financing

  • Capital Sourcing

  • Debt Placement

  • Equity Placement

  • Capital Formation

  • Leveraged Finance


Change is complex. Research shows that 70% to 90% of business combinations fail to reach their original business and financial goals. The number one reason cited is a failed integration of the two businesses, and the number one reason integration fails is cultural incongruity. Our holistic integration process looks at various facets of the parties involved from core values and people philosophy to decision making, communication, and operational efficiencies and leads the parties to consider where differing philosophies and culture may be an impediment. We believe it is critical that integration planning and dialogue begin before a deal is signed and be a specific element in negotiating the letter of intent.

EPOCH Pi provides support for:

  • Pre-M&A Integration Planning

  • Post-M&A Integrations