Core Values

  • Integrity

    ● Our word is impeccable; we say what we do and do what we say.

    ● We do what is right, not what is expedient or comfortable or easy, and when it is complicated to determine what is right because of competing interests or paradoxical situations, we enlist others in the discussion.

    ● We admit our mistakes quickly and use them to fuel tomorrow’s personal and organizational growth and understanding—mistakes tell us what didn’t work and bring us closer to what can work.

  • Dream Makers

    ●  Our clients have dreams; ours is to see them realized.

    ●  Our clients have missions; ours is to help them be executed.

    ●  As a result of our clients’ noble purposes, missions and inspiring visions, we are client-first in nature and meeting our clients’ needs and timetables are our highest priorities. It is how we fulfill our own purpose, mission, and vision.

  • Love

    ●  We celebrate and enjoy each other by accepting people for who they are as individuals and valued members of our organization.

    ●  We value differences and accept our quirks and eccentricities as adding depth and character to the organization.

    ●  We bring our whole selves to work, which isn’t always pretty, but it is real.

    ●  We respect each other as equals—no one is better or worse than another while all are better suited for some tasks than others.
    ● We show our respect by truly listening and taking the time to make sure we understand so people feel heard and true communication occurs.

  • Pi (π)

    ● We believe that we are all connected to each other.
    ●  We believe that our individual lives are related to all other things in a Universe that is interconnected.
    ● We believe that our actions are effects and we endeavor to choose them wisely.
    ●  We believe that an individual possesses unique gifts and a defining purpose and yet is part of a choreographed whole. Just as all circles of differing sizes can be described by a constant function between size and shape, so can all unique individuals be described by their role as part of the collective.
    ●  We are self-directed in our work together because to lose individuality only lessens the whole, which paradoxically can have no authority over the individual without lessening its individuality.
    ●  We believe that we are all a part of a larger evolutionary journey and unfolding of life that is building towards a more compassionate tomorrow.

  • Thought Leadership

    ●  Purposeful solutions require a deep understanding of the facts, circumstances, and objectives of the client and a willingness to break tradition and norms in search of the solution that is best for all parties.

    ●  To prepare for that role, our associates are driven by personal growth and show an intellectual curiosity about emerging thoughts in fields related to our practice.

    ●  We are a group of continuous learners

    ●  Our people are not afraid to take leadership in uncertain circumstances or take unconventional positions required by purposeful solutions.