Our latest thinking

Good Business


At EPOCH Pi we believe that in today's and even tomorrow's marketplace company's who have a purpose that includes doing some sort of good for the World and have a vision that includes focusing on that purpose, can not only do good, but they will have a higher probability of doing well financially.  

The Edelman's Good Purpose Study reveiled that over 72% of consumers would purchase and recommend a brand that provides or supports a social benefit over those that don't.   The notion that in order for a company to maximize profits, they need to focus on the bottom line, is just not so any more.  We continue to see more and more evidence of strong profitability becoming a result of a focus on a meaningful purpose. An article posted in the the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2016, entitled  'Conscious Capitalism' is good business, shares that the concept of doing well while doing good is not a new one, it is gaining speed.