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EPOCH Pi was created in 2015 with the intent of creating a better world through business. After being incubated at our predecessor firm for five years, EPOCH Pi was formed to exclusively focus on helping purposeful companies thrive and flourish. Whether they think of themselves as impact, conscious capitalists, benefit corporations, social enterprises or purpose-driven leaders, they are for-profit businesses that are endeavoring to generate social as well as financial returns. Whether large public corporations like Unilever, Whole Foods Market, Southwest Air, and Fairmount Santrol or small companies organized as Benefit Corporations, or operating with a values-driven philosophy, these businesses want to make a positive difference. They see the interconnectedness of stakeholders and believe they succeed when benefitting all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

The name EPOCH Pi originates from the idea that we are entering a new economic era (or epoch) – the purpose economy – having evolved from the hunter-gatherer era to agrarian, industrial, information and now  purpose. Pi is a play on “purposeful investing” as well as the mathematical symbol (π) and the circular and interconnected nature of life that characterizes the belief system of this market.

We are seeing a shifting mindset and the growing belief that business can be a force for good. Where companies are led by values-driven leaders who believe that success is about growing a business with purpose and creating value for all their stakeholders.

Serving the needs and goals of this market requires a different approach, particularly when studies reveal that somewhere between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet expected financial performance and the number one reason cited is cultural incongruity.

We believe the path to greater transaction success includes adding culture assessment tools and thoughtful integration planning to the M&A process, which is why EPOCH Pi utilizes proprietary culture tools to provide insights into the parties’ alignment around values and mission and then uses corporate structure and thorough integration planning to address areas of concern. Financial terms are critically important, but evaluating the alignment of values, structuring the transaction to protect them, and creating a thoughtful integration plan are key to a transaction’s longer-term success for both seller and buyer.


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Lynn Carpenter

Lynn has over 20 years of investing, investment banking, and commercial banking experience and is certified in using Denison Consulting's Organizational Culture Survey.

Lynn previously worked at South Franklin Street Partners, Morgenthaler Partners,
and KeyBank.

A dog lover, college sports fan, and amateur cook.  Lynn also loves being outdoors reading a book by Lake Erie.




Pablo Guevara

Pablo brings over 17 years of strategy, business development and finance experience and is certified in using Denison Consulting's Organizational Culture Survey.

Pablo previously worked for Eaton Corporation, Cliffs Natural Resources, PINFRA, and Wal-Mart.

An avid traveler and sports fan, Pablo enjoys bicycling, skiing, long-distance running, and participating in triathlons.




William Vogelgesang

Bill brings over 30 years of operating, finance and private equity experience and is certified in using Barrett Values Centre's Cultural Transformation Tools.

Bill was previously a co-founder and CEO of Candlewood Partners and South Franklin Street Partners; chair of the Management Committee of Brown Gibbons Lang; and a lender with Citicorp and Key.

Bill is an avid outdoorsman and reader.




Theo Legwaila

Theo joined EPOCH Pi in 2018 and supports the team with research, financial modeling, valuation, and the preparation of marketing materials in relation to capital raises and mergers and acquisitions.

Theo graduated with honors from European University of Geneva in Switzerland with a BBA in finance and a minor in marketing.

In his spare time Theo enjoys spending time with his family, reading, watching sports, and volunteering for local causes in the poverty reduction space.




Andrew Powell

Andy brings over 30 years of experience in all areas of HR with an emphasis in organizational development.  He is certified in using Denison Consulting's Organizational Culture Survey.

Andy previously held senior roles in Exxon, Pfizer, BF Goodrich and is the founder and "Chief Firestarter" of Rule 6 Consulting.

Andy is an ICF certified executive coach and holds other certifications such as:  Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt, Denison Culture Assessment, Appreciative Inquiry, Myers-Briggs®, TKI®, and FIRO®.  He is also part of the executive committee for Conscious Capitalism, Northeast Ohio and is a faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.